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Structural Repairs

We recently completed the Mission San Juan Capistrano Structrual Stabilization and Interior Restoration Project. Phase I consisted of excavating and horizontal band stitching along the bottom of the walls. Belled piers, corbels and grade beams were installed. Structural stitching was installed in above-grade selected areas. Interior an exterior walls were re-pointed and received grout injection in selected areas. All buttresses were removed and the existing masonry was repaired. A water-proof membrane was also installed.

Pugh Constructors has been called upon by numerous structural engineers over the years to help solve both emergency repairs and distressed structural issues. They trust our abilities and willingness to solve the difficult problems. Work has included structural foundation issues, deteriorated steel and concrete members, impact damage and even original design problems. Since we have renovated many buildings, we know where the problems will develop, how to uncover them, and most importantly, how to fix them. Structural repair is not our leading line of work, but we offer this as a service to the many design professionals that call upon our expertise and advice.