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Historic Renovation

Perhaps the biggest challenge in historic renovations is maintaining the integrity of the building while incorporating energy-saving measures or modern enhancements. Unlike most new-construction projects, historical renovation projects often hold surprises. Pugh Constructors excels at communication and coordination which is essential to keep the project moving.

We have a passion for breathing new life into old structures. Pugh Constructors recently completed the Mission San Juan Capistrano Structural Stabilization and Interior Restoration Project. Please see more details below under the Religious and Structural headings. We completely restored the 73rd and 131st District Courtrooms in the Bexar County Courthouse back to their 1926 historic appearances while incorporating state-of-the-art computerized video and audio equipment. Pugh Constructors self-performed much of the restoration work. We did the selective demolition, drywall framing and gypboard, removal and reinstallation of the millwork, cleaning of the historic elements, and restoration of the historic door hardware including repairs to same. We restored windows to working order, repaired the historic millwork and patched and restored the original colored concrete floors.


Building Committees need to be able to trust that their general contractor will be a good steward of resources and respectful of the surrounding project area. Many have sacrificed to fund and design the vision. Pugh Constructors believes that to whom much is given, much is expected. There is no greater joy than to create that which will outlive yourself. We will provide the best value and work each day to be a good steward of your resources. We look forward to breaking ground together.

Pugh Constructors was honored to structurally stabilize and restore the interior and exterior of Mission San Juan Capistrano. Phase II included the following: removed and replaced all plaster, repointed wall stone as necessary, repaired roof decking and replaced batt insultion, painted all plaster walls, provided new devotional area and furnishings at choir loft, provided new storage loft, closets, cabinets, shelves and furnishing at sacristy, relocated alter steps and provided new furnishing at altar, replaced all lighting, refurbished Chandeliers, provided new HVAC, alarm & sound systems, added exterior lighting, removed heavy biological growth at Bell Tower, refurbished bells to working order.


Government clients are concerned about hyper-competition for public projects in a tough market. They want to insure that the “low bid” is the best value and does not increase project management risk. No one will provide a more qualified project management team than Pugh Constructors. We are proud of our history and excited about our future.

Our Governmental Experience includes: Interior and Exterior Renovations to Colleges and K-12 Schools, Interior and Exterior Renovations to Public Buildings and US Post Office, and Historic Renovation to Bexar County Courthouse

William has completed several high-profile City of San Antonio projects including the City Council Chamber Restoration and the Public Information Technology Center. All of the projects were successful and still shining as a symbol of his passion for quality.


With the substantial increases in healthcare and insurance costs, it is imperative that hospitals and healthcare providers obtain the best value for their investment. Pugh Constructors will provide the best construction services and the most economical value for your long-term investment. As a Team Member, we strongly believe that it is our obligation to review the documents of the design professionals and offer our expertise in life cycle cost, quality of materials, costs of materials and application of materials in a particular environment. Our Medical Experience includes: shell finish out for medical clinic, and accessibility project for various medical facilities including hospitals.


At Pugh Constructors, we know that time is money to our retail clients. Our experienced project management team knows what it takes to meet or exceed tight schedules so clients can get back to the business of serving their customers. Our retail specialties include: new construction, adaptive reuse, reimaging of retail centers.

With Pugh Constructors, time is of the essence and that is how we view our projects. We do not take on more work than we can manage. With our project controls, we are able to continually track all paperwork, and respond efficiently to the normal inefficiencies of construction.

Agricultural and Industrial

Customized facilities for agricultural and industrial clients must be durable, low maintenance and provide long term value with a blend of office and warehouse space. Owners are able to build out for their current needs with the option of reconfiguring to accommodate future growth. Our Ag/Industrial experience includes: New Construction of 132,000 sf greenhouse, Office/Warehouse renovation, Reimaging of Industrial Warehouse

Whether you choose design/build or the traditional bid/build method, Pugh Constructors has the expertise to partner with the design team and subcontracting community to exceed your expectations.


At Pugh Constructors, we understand the challenges that hotel and restaurant operators face. Our experienced project management team can fast-track your new construction or reimaging project to help you attract new customers. Our hospitality clients are loyal to us because we pay attention to the details and the schedule so that the finished project exceeds expectations and is completed on time. We often work with tight schedules while continuing to meet rigid safety requirements and demanding budgets. To expedite your project, bring us in during the design phase as your Construction Manager at Risk. Our team can assist you with design services, constructability reviews, budgeting services, cost estimating, scheduling and value engineering.

Structural Repairs

We recently completed the Mission San Juan Capistrano Structrual Stabilization and Interior Restoration Project. Phase I consisted of excavating and horizontal band stitching along the bottom of the walls. Belled piers, corbels and grade beams were installed. Structural stitching was installed in above-grade selected areas. Interior an exterior walls were re-pointed and received grout injection in selected areas. All buttresses were removed and the existing masonry was repaired. A water-proof membrane was also installed.

Pugh Constructors has been called upon by numerous structural engineers over the years to help solve both emergency repairs and distressed structural issues. They trust our abilities and willingness to solve the difficult problems. Work has included structural foundation issues, deteriorated steel and concrete members, impact damage and even original design problems. Since we have renovated many buildings, we know where the problems will develop, how to uncover them, and most importantly, how to fix them. Structural repair is not our leading line of work, but we offer this as a service to the many design professionals that call upon our expertise and advice.