Pugh Constructors: Building For Tomorrow, Today

About Us

Management Team

President: Micha S. Pugh, CPA
Vice President: William F Pugh, Jr.



We will provide you with the most qualified contracting team in San Antonio. We are extremely proud of our reputation and we are determined to offer our clients our best effort, every time.

Project Approach

Pugh Constructors, Inc. is not your typical construction company. Our company was started to offer a more personal approach to the construction process. We do not take on numerous projects at the same time which dilutes customer service. Our goal is to provide excellent service to a small group of Clients who appreciate our approach and expertise. We strive for complete customer satisfaction while maintaining a profitable workload and demanding quality from our team of Subcontractors.

Quality Assurance

As a Team Member, we strongly believe that it is our obligation to review the documents of the design professionals and offer our expertise in life cycle cost, quality of materials, costs of materials and application of materials in a particular environment. We prefer not to use the term “value engineering”. That term has come to mean “cost-cutting” and “scope reduction”. To us, value means increasing the desired effect for the benefit of the Client. Sometimes, this involves selecting materials that are more expensive in the short-term, but offer life cycle savings over the life of the building.


Pugh Constructors is a financially strong company. By choice, we operate below our bonding capacity in order to provide the best service to our clients. We have the time to devote to our select client list. Our company has a bonding capacity of $8,000,000 single project or an aggregate backlog of $16,000,000.


Construction is a complex assimilation of the many talents of a great number of people. When that many people are trying to read the same sheet of music, someone will miss a note. Instead of pointing fingers and assigning blame, we prefer to offer up solutions to these unforeseen opportunities. The quicker they are resolved, the faster we can complete the project.

Safety Management

The Pugh Constructor, Inc. (PCI) Safety Plan embodies the policies and procedures for prevention of injury, property damage, fire damage and occupational illness. No single feature of our work is of greater importance. Our goal is accident-free work with defect-free quality.